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Cuba Bird Tours with Chino Zapata

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Custom Tours & Day Trips

Our tours are flexible and you can participate in the planning. You select the date and length of your trip. If your time is limited, we’ll design a tour to fit your needs. The guide can customize the tour to see the birds you want. Contact el Chino to arrange a custom birding tour.

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Cuban Gnatcatcher, cuba bird tourCuban Gnatcatcher

8 Day Itinerary

On the 8 day birding tour of Cuba we begin by visiting the Viñales Valley. At La Güira National Park we will visit Cueva de los Portales. Next we will spend a couple days in Zapata Swamp. It is the largest and best-conserved wetland in Cuba. Lastly, we drive to La Belen Farm, because is the best place to see very rare birds.

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Bee Hummingbird, cuba bird tour Bee Hummingbird

10 Day Itinerary

On the 10 day bird tour we beign in Soroa at the Orchid Garden UNESCO World Heritage Site. At La G├╝ira National Park we look for many Cuban endemics including the Solitaire, Trogan. We will spend four days exploring the Zapata Swamp for the Zapata Sparrow, Zapata Wren, Cuban Emerald, Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Trogon, Cuban Tody and many others. Then continue to the Sierra de Najasa, which encompasses the protected reserve of La Belen where one finds an area of unspoiled lowland with a great diversity of plant life. Wrapping up at Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo were we will see large numbers of Greater Flamingo, the Oriente Warbler, the Cuban Gnatcatcher, and many shorebirds. The Bahama Mockingbird and Thick-Billed Vireo are also found in this region of Cuba.

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Cuban Vireo, cuba bird tour Cuban Vireo

Cuba Bird Checklist

  Download a checklist of the Birds of Cuba

Cuba Birding Field Guides

  Field Guide to the Birds of Cuba, Orlando Garrido, Arturo Kirkconnell, Roman Company (Illustrator). Paperback (31 August, 2000). C. Helm.

  The Birds of the West Indies, By Herbert Raffaele, James Wiley, Orlando Garrido, Allan Keith & Janis Raffaele, Helm Field Guides, Sept 2003, Paperback.

  Endemic Birds of Cuba, By Nils Navarro. Ediciones Nuevos Mundos. Paperback. Jan 2015. 168 pages, color photos, color illustrations, color distribution maps.